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Recruiting: A Direct Approach

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Published: 05/04/2017

Recruiting: A Direct Approach

By Tom Dean, Corporate Partnerships Manager, LSN, written for Briefing Magazine's Recruitment Survey results supplement.

All law firms face an ongoing challenge to find the best people. Sourcing candidates in the most efficient manner while also making sure they fit into the culture of the firm has long been a battle for many HR teams and hiring managers.

But while it’s hugely important for growth, recruitment must also be seen in the context of being a major cost centre. Recruitment can take up an enormous amount of time. On top of this cost, add in the agency fee and consider the potential financial loss of not finding someone for a role for some time – or, worse still, hiring the wrong person and having to start all over again. Getting recruitment right first time is critical.

Technology has been transformational for dealing with this challenge. It enables firms to reach a much wider audience, and potentially avoids the need for a recruitment agency as well as shortening the hiring process. There are now many ways to source candidates and recruit – and of course, like so much else in life, that’ll often be online.

In my role, I speak to those in HR and recruitment in law firms about how they recruit and, unsurprisingly, I hear that all firms are facing similar challenges.

It’s clear that nearly all firms want to refine how they recruit. Furthermore, there’s an interest in understanding how recruitment processes compare with others in the sector.

This has led to us creating a new series of recruitment roundtables on direct sourcing strategies for recruitment heads to help spread some best practice. We also recently ran our very first LSN
recruitment survey (and to our knowledge, the first such survey in the sector). The results are analysed by our friends at Briefing in the pages linked below.

The purpose was to gauge the extent to which the largest law firms are direct sourcing and explore the mix of drivers behind this and the channels being used. As suspected, not all large firms had a direct sourcing strategy (only half did), and the majority were doing this to save money. The level of success varies – and (not surprisingly) firms are more successful in directly recruiting those in business services functions than fee earner roles.

From the roundtable activity I’ve chaired for LSN, and many other less formal discussions on the topic, the most poignant comment to come out was that regardless of how you recruit (directly or via agency), you need to have a strong employer brand to secure the very best candidates.


Codex Edge is a highly specialised sourcing solution specifically developed to allow fee earner recruitment to become predictable, economical and controllable. There’s a real need to drive efficiencies and savings through a focus on targeting the best possible candidates at the start of every direct sourcing process. 

The Codex Edge service enables internal recruitment staff to become extremely efficient search consultants and directly source and hire saving fortunes in recruiter fees. The process is:

1.        You define what you are looking for, either using the Codex lens; or dropping in a job specification; or even a simple role description.   

2.        We generate a pool of people from the class of firm you wish us to look at that exactly meet the role description.

3.        You have a chance to Verify and Veto the pool of candidates.

4.        We then generate “qualified leads” meaning we contact only the approved candidates and ask them simply if they would be willing to speak to you about a role now or in the future.

5.        Your internal team contact those who are both suitable and willing to engage, arrange interviews and hire! There are no recruitment fees required.

Codex Edge maps the careers of every fee earner in the UK's Top 50, US and boutique firms, offering precise candidate pools from the start of our service. Possessing qualified leads for each role empowers your recruitment team; they control the timing and nature of the message, both to the market and to the individual.

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