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A Modern Approach to Legal Recruitment

In Category: The Legal Market
Published: 31/07/2017

Codex Edge was built to make direct recruitment simple, quick and inexpensive.

Does it work?

A few twists of the “lens” or simply entering your requirements in the “free text” box gets the process started.

The lesson we learned from early users is that the greater the level of detail in the candidate request, the happier the client. We are all about happy clients!

For some clients, our Qualified Leads option is the heart of the Codex Edge service. It goes beyond mapping and establishes genuine candidate interest, thus saving time by ensuring that internal staff only engage with candidates who are happy to join your firm.

Other clients prefer to make initial candidate contact themselves.  The choice is yours. It’s our job to ensure our clients get a great service – we place no restrictions at all on how you use the component parts.

A few Case Studies



In a practice area known to throw up a lot of commercial or actual conflicts, our client requested a talent pool from a select group of competitor firms.

We delivered 20 candidates precisely matching the client’s requirements within two hours.

Having received the candidate pool our client entered the data into their InterAction system to exclude candidates likely to be difficult to integrate because of conflicts. They were also able to identify several of the remaining target candidates who would react positively to an approach based upon prior exchanges between the candidate and the firm.

With the correct, personalised message delivered to the appropriate candidates, the interview agreement rates ran at 90%. An offer was made and accepted within three weeks.

No advertising or recruitment fees were incurred and the recruitment fee saving was £25,000.  


Having won a panel appointment, our client needed to recruit quickly.

We were asked to produce a talent pool of 80 target candidates (4 pools of 20) from a total market pool within a defined skill and PQE band of 227. The results were provided the following morning. The client, having screened the pools for accuracy, instructed us to undertake a qualified leads process. We were able to contact 62 target candidates over a two week period; 18 agreed to take a further call from our client. Four were employed by the client.

Client savings on recruitment fees were in the region of £70,000 to £80,000. 


A client requested assistance with a position which was proving to be almost impossible for them to fill. They, and their contingent recruiters, had been working on the position for 18 months.

We entered the search parameters into Codex Edge and immediately found a total target pool of 67 potential candidates matching practice area, skill-set and experience levels.

After cross referencing our data with the client’s to exclude those they had already seen, we were left with 32 potential candidates. The client approved all 32 targets and we were able to speak to 23 within one week. We gained agreement from 8 of the contacted individuals to discuss a possible role directly with the client. The client took over from there and ultimately hired two of the individuals identified.  

No advertising or recruitment fees were incurred and the client saved approximately £38,000 to £45,000. 

Yes, it does!

We have been able to exceed clients’ expectations in both accuracy and speed of response in every process. We do not claim that every search will automatically lead to a hire - that would be a dream - rather we know that use of the system over time makes the process quick and easy, builds a deep talent pipeline and that direct hiring successes over a year from the Codex save many tens of thousands of pounds up to several hundred thousand pounds.

Following a number of client requests we are now able to support integration of the Codex Edge service into your ATS. This means that from initial search onwards the process and candidates can be tracked automatically; success rates and savings measured; and a talent pipeline built.

We are always looking for new ways we can tweak the service to improve both client and candidate experience and we do that by maintaining an open dialogue with all users and providing as much on or off-site training and support as you may reasonably require.

To find out more about this service please register your interest by emailing us at or calling 0207 2644909. 

Written by Mark Husband

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