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  • Guest Blog: Achieving Gender Diversity in Law Firms


    Sherry Bevan is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm. After 25 years in the City, she created The Confident Mother, an independent coaching practice. She is currently researching gender diversity in law firms and has provided Cogence Search's Leading Women Lawyers programme with an exclusive article with an overview of her findings thus far.

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  • Like for Like


    The BBC's gender pay gap 'scandal' is a red herring, says Mark Husband. Assessing pay parity on gender alone does not provide the full picture. It doesn't take into account the number of hours worked, or the skills required. Law firms can mitigate for similar situations by ensuring remuneration is for the role rather than the individual, right from the very start of the recruitment process.

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  • Leading Women Lawyers: Expectations, Experiences and Achievements Part II


    Last week we examined the subject of bias as the main reason behind the lack of women, and diversity in general, in leading roles in the UK’s law firms. In Part II of this article, we look at those improvements and offer a few further suggestions.

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  • Leading Women Lawyers: Expectations, Experiences and Achievements


    “For stupidity to triumph, all it takes is for intelligent people to do nothing.” The issue of gender and progression in the legal profession has always been a hot potato. More recently, the issue of social mobility and BAME representation has become an even hotter potato. Through our series of interviews 'Leading Women Lawyers', articles and guest blogs we hope to provide those aspiring to partnership access to role models, solutions to specific challenges and the tools to enable them to achieve their goals.

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  • Doing Business in the UAE Part 2


    In the second of this two article series, guest blogger John Dennet, General Counsel, AE examines the numerous routes to market, highlighting the legal requirements and tax advantages of each. The UAE government's commitment to clean energy and new infrastructure spells out numerous opportunities for start ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses looking to invest in this maturing marketplace.

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