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  • Delivering Diversity through disinterest


    How we became diverse by giving absolutely no thought whatsoever to the classification of individuals we might like to hire.

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  • Expectation - v - Experience


    Our thoughts on the value of employing empathy in the conduct of legal recruitment processes.

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  • Cost -v- Value


    A look at the issues addressed by a firm in commencing a formal retained search process and the outcome of decisions to spend less and hope for the best.

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  • Added Value


    The phrase “Value Added” originated in the grocery sector when supermarkets realised that if they chopped our lettuce and tomato etc. for us we would pay much more for the resultant product than we would for the individual ingredients of a salad. “Value Added” refers to "extra" features of an item of interest (product, service, person etc.) that goes beyond the standard expectations and provides something "more" while adding little or nothing to its cost. In Legal Recruitment added value often comes in the form of extensive market and legal sector knowledge and experience.

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    These are the results of our survey of over 12,000 lawyers asked to address questions relevant to the effect of gender on progression in the legal profession. The full article has been published in the October edition of Legal Business Magazine. Cogence Search are a highly specialist London and international Legal Recruitment Agency. Read the full article

  • THE LEAKY PIPELINE - Gender and Progression in the Legal Profession

    Our article addressing the issue of gender and progression in the legal profession based upon an extensive survey involving over 12,000 lawyers. The full survey results can be found in the blog below. Read the full article

  • Earth Has Not Anything to Show More Fair: London and the Litigation Market

    Four London-based dispute resolutions tell us why London is the leading jurisdiction for litigation. ‘The future of London dispute resolution lies in the ability of firms to sell our uniquely global dispute resolution skills to the world.’ Mathew Rea, Bryan Cave Read the full article