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Future Leaders Awards with Women in the City

Mark Husband had the honour of being a panel judge for Women in the City's prestigious Future Leaders Award. Congratulations to Dr Jane Cunningham, Leadership Fellow/Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialty Registrar, Health Education England, winner of the Future Leaders Award 2017.

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Women in the City's Future Leaders Awards 2017

Cogence Search is a proud partner at Women in the City's Future Leaders Awards, the ceremony for which takes place on 19 June 2017. Good luck to all those shortlisted.

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Leading Women Lawyers: Expectations, Experiences and Achievements Part II

Last week we examined the subject of bias as the main reason behind the lack of women, and diversity in general, in leading roles in the UK’s law firms. In Part II of this article, we look at those improvements and offer a few further suggestions.

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